SUNSHINE ZUMBA NEWS For the second consecutive year ZumbAnette has personally been asked by the Monaco Government to teach Zumba this July to the next generation during the PASS’SPORT CULTURE 2015 and is delighted to spread more sunshine to the teen’s in Monaco....

Zumba News July 2015

JUNE 21st marks the International Yoga Day around the world. Sunshine Yoga is delighted to participate in the BREATHE AS ONE 2015 event with Nico Luce, taking place in Nice this year. We’ll be around 1000 people, so do register by clicking here, it’s FREE!...

Breathe As One 21st June 2015

June 13th marks the GLOBAL WELLNESS DAY. Anette has been asked to present her signature class FEEL GOOD NOW as well as the HORMONE YOGA THERAPY class at the Monte-Carlo Bay in the afternoon and wishes to thank the organisors for this opportunity.

Global Wellness Day 13th June