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Zumba Monaco
Private Instruction
  • Group classes continue until July 1st 2020
  • Private Reformer classes continue with Anette Shine in Ms Fit Studio. To book a Private Reformer class, please call: 0664919642
  • Private Yoga classes available by FaceTime with Anette Shine. To book, please call: 0664919642
  • Possibility for private Yoga classes at your home with Anette Shine. To book, please call: 0664919642
  • Zumba classes continue until end of June 2020, and will start again in September

Group Classes

Join group yoga and Pilates classes in Monaco, Cap d Ail and Eze, and Zumba fitness classes in Cap d Ail. Classes are multilevel and multilingual. Feel Good Now!

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Private & Corporate Classes

Private yoga classes in Monaco and surrounding areas are designed to cultivate mind-body wellness and to help you reach your goals.

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Workshops & Events

Workshops and events include yoga fundraisers for charity, Full Moon Yoga, fitness and wellness workshops, and Zumba parties.

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Current Sunshine Schedule and class locations

9:30 - 11:00
Vinyasa Yoga
Salle de la Mer, Cap d'Ail
Anette, 20€
19:00 - 19:55
Zumba Fitness
Salle de la Mer, Cap d'Ail
Anette, 15€
18:00 - 19:00
PILATES MAT (avec tapis)
Salle de la Mer, Cap d'Ail
Anette, 15€

Salle de la Mer

  • 28 Avenue de la Marquet (near Tennis Club), 06320 Cap d’Ail
  • Class fee Yoga: 20€ per class, 95€ for 5 classes, 180€ for 10 classes
  • Class fee Zumba: 15€ per class, 140€ for 10 classes
  • All classes in Cap d’Ail are given by Sunshine association, so yearly membership of 20€ is required for insurance.

Ms Fit Studio

  • Le Forum, 4th floor, 33 Boulevard du General Leclerc, Beausoleil
  • Place des Moulins, upstairs. Parking on Place des Moulins
  • Private Reformer Class: 80€ with Anette. To book: 0664919642


Sunshine Yoga and Sunshine Zumba are in stunning locations along the Côte d’Azur.

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