Welcome to Sunshine Yoga Monte-Carlo


Anette Shine, Yoga TV presenter at Monaco Info. Originally from Denmark, Anette Shine founded Sunshine Yoga Monte-Carlo, otherwise known as The International Holistic Fitness Center of Monaco, in 2003. Sunshine Yoga Monte-Carlo was located at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort from July 2006 to 2019, before moving to Cap d’Ail, and Anette Shine continues teaching Yoga at the Monte-Carlo Yacht Club. Her background as a professional dancer, singer, performer and choreographer in the Casino of Monte-Carlo gave her the opportunity to work at the TV station Monaco Info where she presents her Yoga program named “Sunshine”.

Her mission is to uplift people and bring sunshine into everybody’s life. She believes in transformation and healing through joy and movement. Her philosophy is that “everyone can shine.”



Anette Shine and her amazing team wish to welcome you to The Sunshine Harmony Experience, where you will discover your hidden potential in these exclusive programmes that embrace all areas of your life. Know that you are special and so are the programmes with you in mind.

Who is Sunshine Harmony for?

For all those who are looking for something completely different to suit their tastes and a need for self-discovery, where harmony of the body and mind are finally in tuned with one another. The focus in taking this exclusive way brings about a lasting inner peace combined with physical strength throughout the day and night, where feelings of upliftment and grace are all around you, making cares and worries melt away, and a new personal knowledge enables you to see life in ways not thought of before.

Why practice with us?

The Sunshine Harmony programmes help increase self-esteem and confidence on a remarkable scale. It gives many the chances to do things in their lives they would not have imagined they could do before. Health is not only to the body, but must be effective to the mind to bring about these positive changes, which encourages all to succeed in positive ways they had only previously dreamed about. The individual cannot help but notice the substantial changes to their moods and bodily functions, which are always positive and uplifting. The journey of enlightenment and knowing is through Sunshine Harmony.

Anette Shine

Anette Shine is a multilingual, multi-style yoga teacher. She began studying Traditional Yoga in 1990. After completing her 500-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Shri Mahesh in France, she was a pioneer in bringing Vinyasa Yoga to Monaco/South of France in 2002 from California.

She loves to unite people and launch new instructors, helping them find their own authenticity and style of teaching. Anette’s mission is to uplift people and bring sunshine into everybody’s life through joy and movement. Anette believes “everyone can shine.”