Astro Yoga Posture of the Month: Viparita Karani, Inverted Lake

Astro Yoga Posture of the Month: Viparita Karani, Inverted Lake

VIPARITA KARANI  – which in Sanskrit means “Inverted lake” pose, as the fact of being inverted regulates the blood pressure and improves hormonal circulation. Also known as “the great rejuvenator”, this posture restores and relaxes the body, mind & spirit.



This asana (posture) is an effective pose which completely relates to the qualities of Aquarius as it helps boosting confidence and prevents varicose veins. Viparita Karani also reduces depression, alleviates arthritis and nervous exhaustion…

Props needed:
A wall and a bolster (or high cushions) An eye bag can be useful also.
How to do it:
Sit yourself sideways on the bolster (one hip against the wall) then lie down as you turn, so your legs come up on the wall and your buttocks remain as close to the wall as possible. If you happen to slide down your bolster, bend your legs and put you feet on the wall, so you can walk/scoop yourself inward & upward on your shoulder blades. This can be challenging if you have tight hamstrings or a stiff back, but keep on trying, you’ll get there eventually.

Either let your arms rest on the sides or place your right hand on the solarplexus (manipura chakra) and your left hand on your heart (anahata chakra) in order to further recharge & soothe yourself…


Keep the inner edges of your feet together and make sure that your shoulders are on the ground. Keep your legs straight!

What to focus on:
Once in the right position close your eyes and breathe deeply through the nose. Imagine that your eyeballs fall deep down inside your scull, like two pearls falling to the bottom of a lake. Feel your legs becoming liquid, like water running downward. Relax your belly, consciously let go of tensions. Trust that life always feeds you that which you need. Assimilate and fully appreciate the moment! Practicing this pose is an act of self-love; self-nurturing. Enjoy!
How to come out of it:
Bend your legs and let your feet slide down the wall close to your buttocks as shown in the photo.

Stay there for a while and observe the circulation. Then scoop yourself down from the bolster and cross your legs on top of it.

Rest a bit in this position allowing the circulation to regulate even more. Then let yourself fall over on your right side and stay a bit there until you feel ready to come out sideways, protecting your back.


Other benefits of Viparita Karani:
It helps treating kidney disorders and stress-related headaches & migraine. It relieves nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, asthma, bronchitis, throat ailments, palpitation and breathlessness.

Cautions – How to modify it:
Do not practise this pose during menstruation, although it can be useful to do it in order to alleviate menstrual disorders at other times… Stay in the pose for 3-4 minutes, then you can practise variations such asSupta upavista konasana (open legs wide apart, pressing your thighs into the wall with your hands as in photo below) or Urdva baddha konasana (soles of the feet together, knees apart, hands pressing the knees into the wall, see photo below) Gradually build the duration of the pose up. Do not exceed more than 8 minutes in total.

Kindly reproduced from The Riviera Woman website.

Article by Anette Shine, Photos and publicity by Anna Fill

Poster/graphics by John Seidel

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