Astro Yoga Posture of the Month: Virasana, Hero Pose

Astro Yoga Posture of the Month: Virasana, Hero Pose

VIRASANA = HERO POSE also known as the “Pose of the seated warrior” (In Sanskrit, Vira means “hero” or “warrior”)


This asana (posture) is an effective pose which completely relates to the qualities of the Capricorn as it helps to develop your strength and endurance. Virasana also eases stiffness in the knees, ankles, hip joints and groin and reduces the pain of deviated or broken tailbones.

How to do it:
Kneel down on a yoga mat (or carpet) with your knees together. Spread your feet about 50 cm apart with your soles facing the ceiling. With straight arms grab your shins and turn your calf muscles outward, then lower your buttocks toward the floor (or sit on a bloc or folded blanket if you need to). All your toes should rest on the floor. Try to create a space between the big toes and the second toes by pulling the big toes in toward each other which will help stretching your ankles. Make sure you don’t sit on your feet: Your heals should be on the outside of your hips. You can either sit with your palms on your thighs or mediate with your hands in a mudra, – a sacred gesture – which facilitates introspection and divine connection – pure cosmic loving energy. This particular mudra invokes the reception of bliss and serenity. Keep your head straight with your chin slightly in to lengthen the neck. Always breathe through the nose. Sit absolutely straight! Do not lean forward, but sit on something higher if you feel any discomfort. Keep lifting yourself upward. Relax your face, jaws and throat.
What to focus on:
Once in the pose close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyebrows, which is where the third eye is located. We all have three eyes: Two to look outside and one to look inside. We also call the third eye our “intuition” or “6th sense” …this is the eye of the truth. In Virasana we develop our capacity to look within and listen to “the divine voice” in a meditative state. We remain mentally open and focused on the breath. When thoughts arrive, come back to your breath again and again. Remain still and go deeper and deeper inside…beyond the mind…contacting your soul …with no expectations…

How to come out of it and a counter pose:
Stretch your arms out in front of you and lean forward up on your hands, taking the weight off the lower body. Come all the way forward down on your belly to straighten your legs slowly. You can rest on your elbows like a “sphinx” and observe the effects of Virasana for a while… Can you feel the improved circulation in your legs?

Other benefits of Virasana:
It relieves backache, improves circulation in your legs & feet, corrects herniated discs and relieves calcaneal spurs.

Cautions – How to modify it:
If you have injured knees or feel pain anywhere, do sit on a bloc (or high cushion or folded blanket). Try to find the right height where you can remain still for a while. If you have a cardiac condition do not practise this pose

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Anette Shine