Instructions for booking online

1. Account Creation

Click on “Create my account” and follow the instructions.

2. Credit your account

Before you can book, you must buy a subscription or a lesson card. Once logged into your account, click on “Credit my account”. Choose the card or subscription that interests you, then click on the shopping cart icon then “Add to cart”. Then click on “Pay” in the basket section, accept the conditions and click on “Validate”. Enter your payment details. Once the payment is finalized, you will receive a confirmation email, and your sessions will be credited to your account.

3. Book your sessions

Once your account credited, click on “Book” to access the schedule. Click on the course to book, then on “Book”.

You will receive a booking confirmation email for the session. Show this email to the teacher to access the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Card validity period

The cards have a validity period, and the remaining sessions will be lost once the deadline has passed. You must therefore use all the sessions of the card in the time indicated:

  • Card of 1 course: valid for 1 month
  • Card of 5 courses: valid for 2 months
  • Card of 10 courses: valid for 3 months
  • Event Card and Masterclass: valid for 1 month
  • Types of cards

    To access the normal courses (excluding Full Moon Yoga courses, internships and events), you can buy the card of 1, 5 or 10 courses, or a monthly subscription.

    To access Full Moon Yoga, purchase the “Event and Masterclass” card.

    Cancel a reservation

    To cancel a session reservation, go to “My bookings”, then, for the reservation to cancel, click on “cancel” (in the last column).
    You can cancel a reservation up to 12 hours before the start of the course. After this time, cancellation is not possible and the session will be charged to your account.

    Problems logging in to your account

    If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot your password?” and enter your email address to receive a new password.
    You may have trouble logging in if you use your phone’s browser to access your account. From a phone, it’s best to use the mobile app to sign in.

    iPhone and Android app

    You can buy and book your sessions from the iPhone and Android app. To download it, click on the link under the login form.
    When you first log in, the application will ask for the center code. Enter sunshine-yoga. You will be able to login to your account in the app.
    Note: To log in to your account from the app, you must first create your account from this page.

    Technical Support

    If you have any problem using the booking space, please contact us at